An analysis of the importance of motivation and a brief explanation of the process

This will help the enterprise in securing best possible utilization of resources. This theory explains that the needs of the employees should be aligned with the needs of the organization by the managers so that the employees can show better performance by regulating their own actions.

Acceptance of job offer: The hygiene factors determine dissatisfaction, and motivators determine satisfaction. It is a strong tool, but it involves a great subjective element.

For example, an employee in the organization considers the need for higher pay, more challenging work, for time off etc. In the top-level, self-actualization needs exist.

Examples of organizational strengths are huge financial resources, broad product line, no debt, committed employees, etc. It is through motivation that the human resources can be utilized by making full use of it. Inhe used job analysis in order to select employees for a trolley car company.

There are several ways to conduct a job analysis, including: Examples of punishment include the following.

Explain the Process of Motivation in Detail

A Classification of Motivation Theories Content vs. In case the selected course of action of an employee leads him towards expected results in the form of reward than he will definitely be motivated by the similar reward to give the same performance in the future.

The intention behind job analysis is to answer questions such as: The value of the reward according to the person. Then the unfulfilled need stimulates the employee to search certain goal by creating tension in him.

No organisation exists without goals and objectives to achieve, performance standards to be maintained by every employee and reviewing performance of employees. Job description is a statement of information about duties and responsibilities of a particular job.

Management, Financial Systems Management. Due to constantly changing external and internal conditions managers must continuously review both environments as new strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats may arise.

He should have excellent communication skills. The managers must comprehend the motivational factors of the employees because motivated employees perform quite well than non-motivated ones.

At this level, executives at top parent companies choose which products to sell, which market to enter and whether to acquire a competitor or merge with it.

Competition is another uncontrollable external force that influences the company. He will ensure that statistics on all aspects of the functioning of the Court are complied and reported accurately and promptly in accordance with systems established by the High Court.

Strategic Management & Strategic Planning Process

Introduce new or revise existing policies. Often, individuals identify themselves with their job or role foreman, supervisor, engineer, etc. Flippo, "Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job " According to Blum, "A job analysis is an accurate study of the various components of a job.

Organizational structure and design: These could be cross checked with outcome of job analysis of a job, whether outcome of job analysis of a job is in tune with goals and objectives of an organisation or not, performance standards are being maintained or not and reviewing employee performance based on performance standards or not.

From the job analysis company identifies the risk factor on the job and based on the risk factor safety equipments are provided. Internal limitations may include- Insufficient research and development facilities; Faulty products due to poor quality control; Poor industrial relations.

They act as directions for specific strategy selection. Job analysis takes place before the recruitment process. Creating a Vision and Mission statements. There is a strong need for feedback as to achievement and progress, and a need for a sense of accomplishment. In order to build a cordial, friendly atmosphere in a concern, the above steps should be taken by a manager.

The person who have a need for power wants to direct and command other people.

Importance of Motivation

They also keep a watch on their overall business environment and recognize and exploit new opportunities faster than its competitors."Motivation" refers to a process or a circulation which help us for motivating others. So, there is a potential motivation inside of men which others have raised it ( p 1).

Definition 1: motivation is the following of factors or a position which compel an individual to carry out. The main purpose of this study was to” assess the role of work motivation on employee performance”. This study in an assessment of this purpose used deductive approach in which.

We have appreciated earlier the importance of motivation in determining human behaviour. In today’s module we will review the concept of motivation and various theories of motivation.

SWOT Analysis - Definition, Advantages and Limitations

Motivation is a process that starts with a physiological or psychological need that. Management Theories > Motivation Theory What is Motivation? Motivation is the answer to the question "Why we do what we do?".

A Brief Introduction to Motivation Theory

The motivation theories try to figure out what the "M" is in the equation: "M motivates P" (Motivator motivates the Person). It is one of most important duty of an entrepreneur to motivate people. Job analysis is a systematic process of collecting all information about the job for preparing of job description and job specification meant to selection of employee, satisfaction in job, and motivation etc.

The Process of Motivation. The process of motivation starts with the need which may be the perception of deficiency in an individual.

For example, an employee in the organization considers the need for higher pay, more challenging work, for time off etc.

An analysis of the importance of motivation and a brief explanation of the process
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